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Venture Capital – and funding and investment more broadly – are the fuel on which the tech industry runs. Sometimes convoluted, esoteric, niche or opaque; the process of a business owner asking someone else for a lot of money in return for the promise of future riches based on the sheer quality of an idea is the process by which the tech sector has become one of the most important industries in the world.

But it needn’t be as impassable as it first seems. The jargon is mostly unnecessary, and the analysis never as complicated in conclusion as it is in execution. Each side is trying to quantify their inputs and outputs, but underneath that it’s merely someone asking someone else to embark on an adventure with them. Where might that adventure go and how it might the destination be arrived at are the real questions.

At Venture Observer we want to bring that process to you. Much like wandering around an airport and asking people where they’re going and why, we will hang around the tech industry asking the same questions and letting you know what the answers are.

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